Crowdfunding platforms valuations – crowdfunding bubble?

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Recently I mentioned on my blog that several private investments in crowdfunding platforms have been made recently. It’s wonderful, that professionals eager for having such websites in their portfolios. It is a sign of change in crowdfunding awareness and acceptance of this business model by financial market.

Kickstarter got $10 million private market from such well-known investor as Union Square Ventures, who’s portfolio contain Twitter, Zynga, Tumblr,  Soundcloud, LendingClub, Disqus, Etsy or Foursquare. Today, IndieGoGo released a statement on $1,5 million private investment from VC funds and Zynga’s cofounder – Steve Schoettler.

In the times of stock markets decline, innovative privately held start-ups attract investors. Thanks to kickstarter’s popularity, there are clones all over the world. However, this mechanism of community financing is needed, wanted and attractive to both sides of transaction. Show me more business models like this. I am really happy to see crowdfunding platforms on serious investor’s desks, but on the other hand, it is possible to lose the transparency, communities trust and friend-alike atmosphere. Crowdfunding platforms have been seen (maybe still are?) more as „little profit – big ideas” companies, which is going to change with million dollars high valuations.

Are we loosing the best of crowdfunding or are platform founders just in the middle of the next internet bubble?


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Karol Król

Karol Król

Od 2010 prowadzę i angażuję się w zrównoważony rozwój sektora finansowania społecznościowego w Polsce i w Europie. Zapraszam do dyskusji!

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  1. KS, IGG and others will be significantly disrupted in 2012 by free open CF vehicles such as the one we are developing called „Play Foundup$” mobile app game. CF is at its infancy and just as 10 years ago no one thought free platforms viable they are now the norm…

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