Polish Crowdfunding Society is making changes [conference]

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Today, on 31st May 2012 in Warsaw a first conference on crowdfunding in Poland will be held. People demand crowdfunding and have serious ideas and means of changing regulations, so that it will be accessible for everyone interested.

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Many representatives of NGOs, seed funds, enterpreneurs, bloggers, media and creatives gather to debate on possible ways of making crowdfunding legal and accessible for everyone. Polish Crowdfunding Society is organising an event, which will be held at Polish Press Association from 2 P.M. Warsaw time. In the agenda we have:

  • Karol Krol crowdfunding news portal, written in polish and english – crowdfunding.pl – „What is crowdfunding?”
  • Olgierd Porębski, lawyer, partner at Czarnik, Porębski and Associates, President of Polish Crowdfunding Society – „Polish Crowdfunding Society – who? why? how?”
  • Patryk Urban, charity crowdfunding platform siepomaga.pl
  • Arkadiusz Regiec, CEO beesfund.com „Equity crowdfunding”
  • Then Olgierd Porębski again wil cover the topic of polish regulation on public money gathering and crowdfunding, which will end up with a public debate on further steps, possibilities and activities of Polish Crowdfunding Society.

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Karol Król

Karol Król

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