Crowdfunding in Poland 2012 – an important event you might want to support

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Central and Eastern Europe is a considerably huge market in the meaning of population, capital and ideas. There are also significant improvements in the development of crowdfunding in this area. and Polish Crowdfunding Society are organising a conference at the uncommon date of 12.12.12 in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. Your contribution will be helpful.

However, crowdfunding is skyrocketing in the USA and Australia, there are many initiatives connected with this mechanism in Europe. There are many new platforms raising rapidly, so that even the famous kickstarter decided to enter this market, by settling in Great Britain (as for now). There is a need and space for development for crowdfunding, especially in emerging markets as Poland.

The conference „Crowdfunding in Poland 2012” and follow-up event „Good Ideas Fairs” aim at gathering the stakeholders of development of crowdfunding, which includes project authors, CF platforms providers, financial institutions, marketing agencies and the NGOs. Prelections will cover the state of crowdfunding in Poland, Europe and the world, tredns, risks but also future challenges, as well as practical advices, success stories and investment possibilities explained by ex. famous film director Wiktor Grodecki, who will explain specification of investing in indie films.


Find more information – website: twitter: hashtag #cfpl and @crowdfunding_pl


If you’d like to somehow support the event, feel free to join. Spreading the world, sharing the information, joining the event or sponsoring it will help to promote crowdfunding in Poland and Europe. Every contribution will be appreciated, you can contat organisers by writing at ora twitter @crowdfunding_pl.

The whole event is being crowdfunded at, first hybrid crowdfunding platform in CEE.

Karol Król

Karol Król is owner of Ltd, co-founder and vicepresident of Polish Crowdfunding Society, Founding Member and Baltics Region Ambassadeur of European Crowdfunding Network and a few other international organisations.

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Karol Król

Karol Król

Od 2010 prowadzę i angażuję się w zrównoważony rozwój sektora finansowania społecznościowego w Polsce i w Europie. Zapraszam do dyskusji!

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