Agenda konferencji Future of Crowdfunding

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Już 17. kwietnia w Berlinie odbędzie się branżowa konferencja „Crowdinvesting Conference”. Prezentujemy agendę konferencji.

więcej informacji o konferencji w naszym kalendarzu

9.30 am Crowdinvesting Regulation in Germany and Europe – competitive advantage for the future?

 Curation: Oliver Gajda (European Crowdfunding Network)

Daniela Castrataro (twingangibles/IT) “Crowdinvesting Regulation in Italy”

Jeff Lynn (seedrs/UK): “Crowdinvesting Regulation in UK”

Guido Sandler (Bergfürst/DE): “Creating a Crowdfunding Marketplace”

 10.30am Can Crowdinvesting boost the entrepreneurial landscape in Germany and in Europe?

Michael Eis (Boomerang/DK): “Crowdinvesting for financing growth”

Christin Friedrich (Innovestment/DE): “Crowdinvesting and technology companies”

David Rhotert (Companisto/DE) “Combining start-up marketing and Crowdinvesting”

Dana Schramm (Seedmatch/DE) “The Benefit of Slow Crowdinvesting Campaigns”

Raphael Otten (United Equity/DE) “Crowdfunding for Medium-Sized Companies”

 11.30am Can Civic Crowdinvesting be used to finance public infrastructure? Crowdfunding for media enterprises, museums, theaters, libraries, bridges, houses.

Steffen Boller (LeihDeinerStadtGeld/DE): “The Promise of Civic Crowdlending”

Ronald Kleverlaan (Webclusive/NL): “Crowdfunding Public Infrastructure – Best Practices from the Netherlands”

Michael Gebert (Deutscher Crowdsourcing Verband/DE): “Risks and Threats around Crowdinvesting in Public Infrastructure“

Patrick Mijnals (Bettervest/DE): “Crowdinvesting in Energy Infrastructure”

12.30pm Lunch

1.00pm Crowdfunding and Crowdinvesting – what are future trends and expectations? The potential for SME’s, entrepreneurs & social initiatives

Dennis Brüntje/Anja Solf: “The motivation behind Crowdfunding”

Gijsbert Koren (Koren&Douwen/NL): “Crowdfunding in two markets with two platforms – disaster or big chance?”

Karol Krol ( “Crowdfunding in Emerging Markets”

2pm Crowdfunding in the Creative Industries? – Will Crowdfunding Revolutionize how artists make their living?

Curation: Wolfgang Gumpelmaier (Gumpelmedia/AT)

Michael Bogatzki (Sellaband/DE): “Can Crowdfunding revolutionize the Music Business”

Konrad Lauten (Inkubato/DE): “Crowdfunding and Co-Financing”

David Holetzeck (Pling/DE): Crowdfunding in the Creative Industries”

3.30pm Crowdfunding and Cofinancing – will they revolutionize public cultural funding?

Max Valentin (Crowdculture/SE): “Crowdfunding and Co-Funding: Experiences in Sweden from crowdsourcing public cultural support”

3.45 pm Can Crowdfunding, Crowdsourcing and OpenInnovation replace tradtional marketing? Crowdfunding as a Marketing Tool

Epirot Ludvik Nekaj (Crowdsourcing Week/SIN): “The International Crowdsourcing Revolution”

Reinhard Willfort (1000×1000/AT): “OpenInnovation, Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding as marketing tool”

4.30pm Closing remarks

Crowd-Dinner – The dinner will allow further networking and connection to speakers, platforms, partners and sponsors. The participation at the Dinner is invite-only.

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Karol Król

Karol Król

Od 2010 prowadzę i angażuję się w zrównoważony rozwój sektora finansowania społecznościowego w Polsce i w Europie. Zapraszam do dyskusji!

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